Ray and Mary Anne Bale – Najenga Congo

Ray and Mary Anne Bale have been living and working in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) since 2002.  They maintained their relationship with Vernon Christian Fellowship while they built their relationships with the family in Burundi and DRC and now they live in Burundi.  They had come to Burundi originally to help Chrissie Chapman, a friend who had started an organization called CRIB (children rescued in Burundi).  Ray had been the principal, pastor and teacher of the school that Chrissie Chapman had founded in Bujumbura, the capital of Burundi.  In 2003 Ray started working with a gentleman, Reuben, who is Congolese from the DRC.  Reuben has a deep concern for his country and has been working at building hope into the children and families in the DRC.   Eventually Ray stepped down from his work in the school in Burundi and Ray and Mary Anne gave full-time support to Ruben while maintaining their contacts with the Burundi family of believers.

Ray and Mary Anne now work alongside Ruben and a team of Congolese as part of “Najenga Congo” which means in Swahili, we are building.  They have and continue to build physical buildings for a childrens’ home and now a school but more importantly they are building hope into the children and families in the DRC for the future.  The primary way they do this is through education.

During this time of political unrest in Burundi many of the families have moved their children out of Burundi into Rwanda, but there are many believers that Ray and Mary Anne keep up contact with who are still remaining in Burundi.  GCC has sent additional funds to help with the relocation of these families in addition to the monthly stipend we provide which supports two teachers.  We need to continue to pray and ask God to intervene in this situation.  Burundi has been independent and a democracy for the last ten years but before that the country had been swamped with internal political strife.  We need to pray that God will bring peace and reconciliation and raise up a god-fearing government.  Pray for Ray and Mary Anne and the other believers they keep in contact with.

There is a link to Mary Anne’s blog which allows you to access her blog without having to sign in to Facebook.