Who We Are:

We are a community of believers in Jesus Christ. We are normal everyday people from every walk of life who share a passion for Jesus and his teachings. We are not perfect, nor do we look for perfection in those who join with us.

We recognize we are all constantly growing and maturing, and hopefully becoming more and more like Christ. We know it is crucial to have grace for one another and to stand alongside each other in times of need.

We value relationship with each other highly.

If you are looking for a safe place to learn, grow and heal we are a place for you.

We have Sunday Services most Sundays  at 10:00 a.m.

We are a house church and currently meet at:

1795 Blondeaux Crescent
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4J8

Our service begins at 10:00 AM and is about 1-1/2  hours in length. We begin with approximately 40 minutes of worshipping God (singing).

We have no dress code. Any attire would fit in our fellowship and for the most part we are casual.

Having regular communion is important to us, for as Jesus said in 1 Cor 11:23-26 to ‘do this often in remembrance of him’. As such, we share communion the first Sunday of every month.

Anyone, including  a visitor, is welcome to take part in communion as long as they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We leave it to parents’ discretion whether their children partake or not.

There is usually a nursery room available for small children, while older children usually stay with the adults for a time of Bible teaching.

There is a coffee, snacks, and time of fellowship after the service.

Glenmore Community Church.

We Believe:


The Bible

The Bible is the unfailing, unchanging and true Word of God, revealed by Him and written down by man. In the Bible we read:

One God

There is one God who created and sustains all things by His power. He exists eternally in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

God the Father

God the Father, created men and women in his image, placed them on earth and entered into relationship with them. God loves everyone fully and perfectly at all times.

Through sin, we broke relationship with God and became separated from God because of our sinful nature and ways. We are incapable of returning God’s love as we ought.

The Father, in his great love for us, sent his only Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for our sin, to restore us to relationship with Him and grant us full membership in His family.

God the Son

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came and lived on earth as a man. He was fully God and fully man – yet was completely without sin.

Jesus was put to death on the cross. He was buried. After three days Jesus rose from the dead and revealed himself to many witnesses. He ascended to heaven and now sits at the right hand of God.

There is only one way for a person to be saved and that is through faith in Jesus Christ and the merits of His death on the cross. This salvation is a free gift of God’s grace and cannot be achieved through anything we do.

God the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is the person of the living God who convicts people of their sin and brings them to a saving belief in Jesus Christ. We are powerless to overcome sin or live for God without the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit comforts, strengthens, counsels, encourages and leads believers to live a holy life and to witness and work for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit dwells in each believer, empowers them, and gives to each one spiritual gifts for the benefit of the church.

The Church

The church is the worldwide body of believers with Jesus Christ as the head. These believers have been set apart from the world through repentance of sin, expressed faith in Jesus Christ, and participation in water baptism.